Ep 1:

John Kasich

Former Governor of Ohio

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John Kasich is a political heavyweight. He served two terms as the Governor of Ohio (2011 – 2019) and was a member of the US House of Representatives (1983- 2001). The lifelong Republican joins Susan in a deep dive into the crazy world of US politics and the future of our democracy.

The two share their own experiences dealing with the tactics used and games played on both sides of the aisle. They talk through Kasich’s political career as he stresses the necessity of putting country before party and tells Susan whether or not Donald Trump could win a second term.

Also, after his controversial move of endorsing then candidate Joe Biden for President over Trump, find out exactly what Kasich’s relationship with the Biden Administration has been.

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Published: Dec 15, 2022


Susan Estrich

Lawyer, Professor, Author & Political Commentator


John Kasich

Former Governor of Ohio