Rachel Juarez is an accomplished legal professional and one of the esteemed judges on CBS Media’s acclaimed and Emmy-nominated court program, Hot Bench. A proud native of Los Angeles, Juarez earned her degrees from prestigious institutions such as Yale University and Stanford Law School.

During their discussion, Susan and Rachel explore the Alec Baldwin case, speculating on whether further criminal charges could be brought. They also examine the broader issues of gun control, questioning why a loaded gun was present on the set. Together they address the recent sentencing and laundering case of “Chrisley Knows Best” and consider whether the courts treat celebrities and the wealthy differently. Lastly, the conversation turns to Sam Bankman-Fried, with the pair drawing comparisons between him and Elizabeth Holmes.

Bill Carrick is a strategic and media consultant for political candidates and ballot initiatives in California and nationally. The conversation opens with Susan and Frank’s discussion regarding Senator Dianne Feinstein’s hotly contested California seat. 

Highlighting the ongoing debacle of Representative George Santos and the dynamic of his relationship with Speaker Kevin McCarthy, exploring what avenues the House Republicans can pursue to accelerate the ethics process to deal with the lies and deceit of Representative Santos. They touch on the future of the Republican party and discuss the leading contenders to win the Republican nomination for President.

All this and more on No Holding Back with Susan Estrich.

Frank Luntz is a political & communications consultant, former Republican strategist, and political pollster. The conversation opens with Frank discussing how he believes America’s democracy is in “jeopardy,” with a serious lack of trust in the institutions that govern.

Susan and Frank discuss the current State of the Union and avenues that Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans can explore to tackle the key issues that ordinary working Americans face, with only a small majority. They question why President Biden is not governing from ‘the middle,’ to gain the majority support for his policies.

All this and more on No Holding Back with Susan Estrich.

Alan Dershowitz is an American lawyer and former law professor known for his work in U.S. constitutional law and criminal law. He has handled and represented many celebrity clients, such as Mike Tyson, Jeffrey Epstein, and Jim Bakker.

The conversation opens by discussing Alan’s decades-long relationship with Israel and the state of political affairs in the nation currently, and the scourge of antisemitism. He dives deep into his troubling experiences speaking at universities and colleges.

Together they discuss the U.S. general elections, the investigations regarding Donald Trump, and the issues surrounding Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. 

All this and more on No Holding Back with Susan Estrich.

Content warning: discussions of rape and sexual assault throughout.

US legal heavyweight Blair Berk is a criminal defense attorney to many Hollywood celebrities, such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Mel Gibson, and Cameron Diaz. Blair regularly finds herself involved in some of the US’ most media-intensive cases. 

Susan and Blair discuss Harvey Weinstein and the charges brought against him and deep dive more generally into what constitutes rape today. They chew over the changes in perception and legal understanding of the issue and whether courtrooms have had to adapt to the difficulty surrounding rape and sexual harassment.

All this and more on No Holding Back with Susan Estrich.

John Kasich is a political heavyweight. He served two terms as the Governor of Ohio (2011 – 2019) and was a member of the US House of Representatives (1983- 2001). The lifelong Republican joins Susan in a deep dive into the crazy world of US politics and the future of our democracy.

The two share their own experiences dealing with the tactics used and games played on both sides of the aisle. They talk through Kasich’s political career as he stresses the necessity of putting country before party and tells Susan whether or not Donald Trump could win a second term.

Also, after his controversial move of endorsing then candidate Joe Biden for President over Trump, find out exactly what Kasich’s relationship with the Biden Administration has been.